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Herunterladen Navi NX DVD Update 5.3 1118

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A new software service update CD 5.3 is available for Blaupunkt NX according to a new TSB (actually is a reissue for TSB No.14/2009, 31 January 2011).

If one or more of the following errors occur when Ford DVD navigation system with touch screen, is a software error is probably the cause. To resolve the complaint must be an upgrade.

The following claims can either be fixed with the software service pack 5.1 or 5.3:

• Destination can not be entered using the seven-digit postcode (UK only)
• Resetting during operation,
• Navigations/Radiodates no longer appear on the repeater display (combination)
• Missing Audio/Voiceguidance after starting the engine
• Voice service can not be activated even after repeated pressing the PTT button
• Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Navigation activated>
• Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the use of a disclaimer <The Zielführung...> is displayed and the button <OK> does not work
• Unit is on the lists for the target input / target selection,
• Stuck in the speech device operation for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Sprachbetrieb aktiviert>,
• Unit is facing Tunnel Transit / Parking garage on over a long period, the message <No GPS>
• Occasionally, the function of <Ziel Map> not be used
• Volume can not be changed
• CD / AUX button does not work
• After starting the device displays only a blue screen
• Empty / grayed softkeys, although these would be activated
• Device hangs when running from a USB / iPod / Aux audio sources
• No iPod / USB device
• Pop-up window will <CD geprüft> appears after starting for a long time (> 2 min) on the display
• Only Kuga 2008.5 with camera - parking aid: If you want the reverse gear is quickly shown a picture of the area behind the vehicle
• Only Galaxy 2006.5 with keypad - Additional Air Conditioning: No operation of the air conditioning system
• Incorrect climate information in the status bar
• Personal settings (language, etc.) are lost
• Frequent resets in the operation
• Very short (<1 second) audio dropouts while playing music
• Deep and loud hum when playing audio sources (possibly only one channel),
• No navigation voice during telephone conversations

The following objections can be resolved only with the software service package 5.3:

• Reset the navigation system with high number of traffic messages (TMC)
• After engine start audio system is again a different station
• (S-MAX/Galaxy 2006.5, 2007.5 Mondeo): After engine start will not eject the CD.

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